Bach and Poland in the 18th Century

A presentation by Szymon Paczkowski PH.D.

 University of Warsaw

In 1736 Bach became Koniglich-Polnischer und Kurfiirstlich-Sachsischer Hof-Compositeur [Royal Po­ lish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer]. This well-known and frequently-cited title begs to address questions concerning the composer's Polish connections in the 18th century, yet the topic remains sur­ prisingly unexplored, even by Polish researchers.

This lecture will review present knowledge of the problem, and outline what seem to be promising are­ as of research. It will raise a range of questions relating to Bach's contacts with Poland and Polish people, from the work of Bach 's pupils in Poland, the image of Poland in Bach's music, the reception of Bach's music in 18th-century Poland, to the transfer of Bach sources to Poland and further afield in the east, etc.

 Szymon Paczkowski (b. 1962) is a professor of musicology at the University of Warsaw, where he earned his Master's and Ph.D. degrees. In 1987 he joined the faculty at the Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw, where he has worked ever since. He has written two books on music in the Ba­ roque period, Nauka o afektach w mysli muzycznej I polowy XVII wieku [The doctrine of affects in music theory, 1600-1650] (1998) and Styl polski w muzyce Johanna Sebastiana Bacha [The Polish style in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach] (2011), and edited several more. He has published more than forty articles in European and American journals, and many book chapters.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Harlem Road Community Center, 4255 Harlem Rd., Amherst, NY at 7pm