Linguistics and the Polish Language

Presenter:  Mr. Tony Waleszczak

During the first part of the presentation, He will use my knowledge of Latin and ancient Greek to explain some interesting points in the Polish language such as: the old Polish alphabet c. AD 1615; the Indo-European language family and the similarities of Polish to its cousin languages (Latin, anc. Greek and English) and he will show a breakdown of a word into Proto-Indo-European; the history of the Polish language.

The second part of the presentation he will talk specifically about the Polish language and look to answer the questions: "Where is Polish spoken?; From where does standard Polish come?"; and he will show: Poland’s geographical position in Europe; Polish word borrowings; and possibly investigate Polish dialects and the differences even within Poland. In this addition, he will take in to account the history of Poland and the outside influences that affected its language.

Overall, his goal is to educate all who come on a wide range of topics about the Polish language. he hopes to shed new light on the way people see a language. A language is not only a way to communicate, but a "living" entity that evolves over time. He wishes to provide "fun facts" that people will remember and share and keep people interested throughout the entire presentation. will incorporate subcategories of linguistics such as historical linguistics, semantics, orthography and morphology

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Harlem Road Community Center, Wednesday 7:30 PM