Lodz Festival: Dialogue of Four Cultures

Presenter: Dr. Wanda Bolanowska

At the end of the 19th century Lodz was built up into a very prosperous and friendly city by the people of four cultures: Polish, Jewish, German and Russian.  The events of World War II disrupted the co-existence of the four cultures in Lodz – as it did in much of Poland – but when Poland threw off communist rule, the city leaders decided that it was time to once again celebrate the city’s cultural diversity.  The result was the Lodz Festival:  Dialogue of Four Cultures.  The first Festival took place in 2002 and was highlighted by a concert featuring vocal groups from each of the four cultures.

The program this evening will feature a video presentation of one of those concerts in shortened form.  Dr. Bolanowska will provide a brief introduction to the video and a short description of each of the vocal groups performing in the concert.   

A social hour with refreshments will follow

More Information:  Chuck Peszynski (716) 631-3717

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Harlem Road Community Center, 4255 Harlem Road, Amherst, NY beginning at 7 PM