A Special Program Commemorating Poland's 1791 Consitution

The Polish Arts Club will join forces with the Polish Harmony Folk Ensemble for a celebration commemorating the 223rd anniversary of Poland's May 3rd constitution.

Dances, songs, a dramatic reading, proclamations, and plenty of food are all included on the agenda for this special day. We'll even get a large cake decorated with patriotic colors and the Polish flag.

The Harmony Folk Ensemble will put us all in a celebratory mood with a Polonaisse, the Krakowiak, and Mazurka. We'll sing the national anthems, a May 3rd song, and "Gaude, Mater Polonia", and Polish Arts Club member Carl Bucki will give a short address on the constitution.

If you have a Polish flag, bring it and wave it, and if you own ethnic attire, be sure to wear it!

Saturday, May 3, 2014
Harlem Road Community Center, Saturday 1 PM