Strategic Plan

Adopted by the Club’s Board of Directors on
February 19, 2017


To enhance Western New York's cultural resources by fostering interest, appreciation and understanding of the culture and history of Poland and Polish-Americans and by safeguarding Polish American heritage throughout Western New York.


The Club's primary stakeholders are its members.  Secondarily, however, in keeping with its mission statement, the Club views the general public, and the media through which it can be reached, as important stakeholders.  In addition, government agencies, philanthropic organizations and the business community, as well as elected officials, are crucial stakeholders if the Club is to prosper and fulfill its mission.  Furthermore, the Club views other cultural and educational organizations as targets of its outreach activities.



Objectives: It is the objective of the Club to continue to bring to the Western New York community programming and events that foster interest, appreciation and understanding of, and excitement for, the culture and history .


* To maintain the high quality of our programming.
* To continue to cater to the interests of different audiences.
* To encourage and motivate other organizations in the community at large to present  Polish-related programs and events.
* To work with other clubs and organizations to co-sponsor activities related to our objectives.

Action Steps:

a. Establish an evaluation committee to continually assess performance in terms of quality, impact and standards. 
b. Institute a long-term program planning process to have nine programs per year on the third Wednesday of each month or as needed.
c. Survey audiences regarding programming preferences.
d. Continue to network with other organizations to develop relationships, contacts and to co-sponsor programs
e. Continue to publicize and encourage participation by Club members in Poland-related programs of other organizations.

B. Membership/Audience

Objectives: To broaden and diversify membership and the audience for the Club's programming, while remaining true to the mission of the Club.


*    To continue to increase the overall membership/attendance and track our success.
*    To continue to expand the Club's membership and audience  base to include the community at large beyond Polonia (Polish-American community).
*    To reach out to Polish youth groups and encourage participation in our programs and activities. i.e.: Polish Student Association, Polish dance groups, Polish Saturday School etc.
*    To heighten the public's awareness of the Club and all its programs and activities through placement of information in print, broadcast and social media.* To increase the number of members by ten percent annually.

Action Steps:

  1. Continue to publicize Club programs and events through the media by broadening our media base (Buffalo News, Am-Pol, Art Voice, TV and radio stations, etc.)
  2. Identify factors that have a significant effect on audience size through direct contact with members by focusing on interests expressed.
  3. Increase attractiveness of membership through:

-           discounts – free programs for members and students
-           special privileges for members and students such as discounts for social activities, cultural events and use of the UB Lockwood Library/Polish Room.
-           membership campaigns conducted by the Membership Chairperson
-           involvement of individuals in Club activities.

4. Increase visibility of Club through additional publicity about its programs, projects and other activities.

C. Funding

Objectives:  To increase its income and diversify and expand its base of funding.


* To continue to identify and apply for all possible sources of funding.
* To solicit corporate and foundation support,as well as individual donation.
* To Increase Club revenues through increased membership and Club-sponsored activities.

Action Steps:

a. Develop Club expertise in seeking programming grants.
b. Develop attractive opportunities for corporate funding
c. Increase number of profitable events.
d. Increase membership by 10%.


D. Preservation

Objectives:    To safeguard and advocate the preservation of Polish and Polish-American art,historical artifacts and records in Western New York.


*    To research, identify and inform the community of things worthy of preservation.
*    To document historical artifacts and to promote their preservation.
*    To work with the proper authorities and community members to preserve and document those items.
*    To continue to support the Polish Room at the University of Buffalo
*    To continue to support the preservation of artwork at the Officers Club, in Fort Niagara* Support the Polish Room at the University of Buffalo and maintain contact with its curator.

Action Steps:

a. Publicize the Club's interest and ability in safeguarding  historical artifacts if brought to its attention.
b. Evaluate, interpret and publisize such effects.
c. Work with cultural institutions able to provide support and/or a repository where appropriate.

E. Communications

Encourage Club members and others who are native Polish speakers to become involved in facilitating Club access to potentially useful information in that language.

Objectives: To continue to heighten awareness of the Club and its programs through increased media exposure and outreach to the community at large


*    To encourage and recruit contributing writers and editors in order to maintain the high quality of the Club's publications, articles and other writings.
*    To publish a Club’s newsletter on a regular basis in order to increase the  appreciation of the Western New York Community culture and to advise Club members of Club busines.
*    To become better acquainted with the needs, ways and procedures of local media professionals..

Action Steps:

a. Identify and recruit writers, editors and graphic artists.
b. Establish regular publication deadlines for the Club's newsletter.
c. Develop and expand personal contacts with members of the media and the community at large.
d. Encourage club members and others who are native Polish speakers to become involved in facilitating Club access to potentially usefulinformation in tht language.

F. Management/Administration

Objectives:  To improve its management and administration by centralizing its operations and improving its allocation and use of human and monetary resources.


*      To maintain an office and paid staff.
*      To establish a Board of Advisors composed of singularly distinguished   and/or capable members of the community at large.
*      To continue to encourage additional volunteers to assist the Club.

Action Steps:

a. Identify and recruit individuals on the Board of Advisors
b. Continue to solicit and contact members willing to provide volunteer services and contact them in a timely fashion.

G. Scholarships

Objectives:   It is the objective of the Club to continue to award scholarships to meritorious students on a annual basis.


*    To continue to cooperate with the Polish Arts Club Scholarship Foundation in the awarding of scholarships.
*     To continue to identify and publicize scholarship opportunities to the target audience of the Club's outreach efforts.
*     To continue to award scholarships to worthy recipients on a yearly basis

Action Steps:

a. Publicize and encourage application for scholarship opportunities through the Polish Arts Club Scholarship Foundation.
b. Identify and alert individuals to scholarship opportunities through external agencies..


Recognizing that a strategic plan is only as effective as how well it is implemented, the Club intends to designate a committee to evaluate annually the progress of this strategic plan, and to revisit and, if necessary, make any required changes to the substance of the plan, on a biennial basis.